Karen Brown


I would watch my mom in the kitchen whipping up cake batter, waiting for the chance to scrape the bowl. It was my job to frost the cake once it was cooled, but what little girl could wait that LONG! (As I do a happy dance 😊)

Even as a young girl, the smell of homemade cake brought such joy. Whether it was grandpa’s fresh out the oven pound cake or my Nannah’s (great-grandmother) Vanilla Cake, it was always from scratch using basic ingredients.

Today we carry on the tradition here at LOL Labor of Love Bakery. Helping to create sweet memories and great tasting desserts. From custom/signature cakes, seasonal pies, and other delights such as our festive cake balls, we are here to be your choice bakery.

“Love Cake, Don’t Bake… Leave the Baking to Me!”